Update Galaxy 40000 (v2.02 + v2.03)

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Update Galaxy 40000 (v2.02 + v2.03)

Сообщение Admin » 04 ноя 2014, 13:36

Update Galaxy 40000 (v2.02 + v2.03):
- added load object by ID
- added create objects with texture transparency
- added create empty objects / systems
- added a new type of objects - particles
- fixed bug with scaling calculation plane objects
- fixed bug with displaying lens flare systems with multiple stars
- fixed bug with instant moving objects with low value zoom

Update map content:
- completely redesigned system Fenris
- updated texture Titan
- in system Sol added dwarf planet Sedna
- from system Sol removed cruiser Dominator DeathStalker
- change coordinates of Cadia (closer to the Eye of Terror)
- updated description of Meridian
- around planet Dross placed warp-storm

Given atest updates to the Galaxy 40000 is now more than a hundred of interactive objects.

P.S. To update textures Fenris and Titan may need clearing cache of browser.
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