A few things

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A few things

Сообщение dusara217 » 20 фев 2015, 22:42

Just a few things that I'd like to bring up.

1.) When you are using the 3d map, it would be far easier to work with if you could deselect a planet and zoom in on random points. For instance, I would double click on Terra (after it was already selected) put my mouse over a random section on the map, and used the mouse to zoom in.

2.) Missing Fenris System

3.) Missing the Realm of Ultramar

4.) Missing T'au

Really looking forward to having this map completed, though I understand that it's going to take ages, this will make a great reference and I can't wait for the larger 40k Community to catch a whiff of it.
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Re: A few things

Сообщение Admin » 21 фев 2015, 23:08

1) Not supported by engine.
2) Fenris system
3) Now missing.
4) Now missing.
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